Federal Direct Loan Consolidation – All you Need To Know

Dl.Ed.Gov – Looking for ways to minimize payments on your student loans? Then federal direct loan consolidation is the ideal program that you should opt for. In simpler terms, this is a federal program which has been designed to help students across the United States of America to easily and painlessly take care of their loans and payments.

The federal student loan consolidation program was developed in 1986 to give students and college graduates a better loan package compared to existing ones. By combining all their existing loans into one single package, the government ensured that these people spent more time worrying about their studies and less time thinking about their loan payments.

A US Department of Education program, Federal Direct Loan Consolidation is a process whereby all existing loans such as Stafford loans, Perkins loans, Federal Direct Plus loans, etc. are combined into one single easily manageable loan. Apart from these, one can get nearly any other federal financial aid money consolidated into a single loan.


There are several benefits of opting for a Federal Direct Loan Consolidation program. On the surface of it, the primary benefits are:
1. Lesser monthly payment
2. Longer payment period which reduced strain on finances
3. And in some cases, a lesser interest rate.

Decide carefully before choosing this program
When it comes to finance and investments, a lot of people don’t think twice before they jump on the bandwagon of new trends. If they see that a lot of people are opting for a particular loan scheme or insurance fund, then they themselves will dive head first into it. Don’t be fooled by new schemes and programs, no matter how good they seem. Consolidating loans might seem like a good solution if you have a number of loans for which you pay money.

Nevertheless, it is necessary and considered smart if you carry out extensive research into it before you sign the documents. They will bait you by telling you that monthly payments become lesser and in some cases, even the interest rate is reduced. However, this is not appropriate for everyone because a lot of times the period of loan payment increases which, in the long run, eventually leads the borrower to pay more money!

Therefore, always ensure that you have taken the counsel of a certified financial advisor from the US government who can accurately guide you as to whether a Federal Direct Loan Consolidation program is ideal to your particular financial situation or not.

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